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Warming Cuppa Gift Box

Warming Cuppa Gift Box


This gift set contains: (Delivery Included)


1 x British Brew by Tealicious (100g)

1 x Early Grey by Tealicious (100g)

1 x Gold Caramel Chocolate Bark by Yvette's Chocolates (100g)

1 x Chocolate Chip Shortbread by Just Biscuits (200g)

1 x Apple & Cinnamon Crumbles by Just Biscuits (200g)

1 x Coffee & White Chocolate Shortbread by Just Biscuits (200g)

1 x Blackberry & Apple Jelly By Purely Clear Preserves (227g)

1 x Organic Lip Balm By Doap (20ml)


British Brew By Tealicious


British Brew by Tealicious is a proper, British loose-leaf tea that originates 7,000 feet above sea level in  the rich loamy soils of Kenya's Rift Valley.  This tea has a remarkably granular appearance due to the special CTC (Crush - Tear - Curl) method used to prepare the dried tea leaves.  This allows the tea to impart far more flavour to the brew and gives it an astringent bite and a rich, deep, reddish colour.   A soothing, warming cuppa to have any time you need a quick pick-me-up.

100g (makes approx. 50 cups)



Early Grey By Tealicious


Early Grey by Tealicious is a light, refreshing loose-leaf tea made with high-quality Darjeeling and Ceylon tea with just a hint of bergamot oil that allows the delicate flavour of the tea to come through.  The result is a delightfully light, refreshing blend which can be drunk at any time of day.

100g (makes approx. 50 cups)



Gold Caramel Chocolate by Yvette's Chocolate


Yvette's latest creation is this delightful white caramel chocolate made with her signature white chocolate and caramelised golden sugar.  Like a sweet caramac that lingers on the tongue.  Simply fantastic!


Apple & Cinnamon Crumbles by Just Biscuits


Like apple crumble? You will love these... crumbly buttery loveliness with apples picked straight from Jilly's apple trees.


Chocolate Chip Shortbread

All butter shortbread packed with Swiss chocolate chunks. Seriously indulgent and utterly devine.



Coffee & White Chocolate Shortbread by Just Biscuits


Real butter shortbread made with coffee and lots of big chunks of white chocolate.  A rich and tasty treat with your morning coffee (or tea!).



Blackberry & Apple Jelly By Purely Clear Preserves


A Classic jelly made from foraged hedgerow fruit. 

Homemade in Bengeo.



Organic Lip Balm By Doap


Your lips are particularly sensitive to moisture loss because the skin is thin and they’re exposed to the elements more so than other parts of your skin. Doap new lip balm is packed full of organic coconut oil and beeswax which act as an emollient and help trap moisture in your skin.

Strawberry Bonbon

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Loved it

12/31/2020, 4:57:02 AM

It was a gift. great selection and high quality. Yvette's is always the best. coffee beans were supreme. shorties were lovely.


12/9/2020, 8:55:14 AM

12/9/2020, 8:55:12 AM

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