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Coffee & Chocolate Gift Box

Coffee & Chocolate Gift Box


This gift set contains: (Delivery Included)


1 x Coffee Mocha by Yvette's Chocolates

1 x Colombian Sophia Estate by White House Coffee

1 x Indonesian Kalossi No. 1 by White House Coffee

1 x Strawberries & Cream White Chocolate Bark by Yvette's Chocolates

1 x Dark Chocolate Infused with Olive Oil by Yvette's Chocolates

1 x Coffee & White Chocolate Shortbreads by Just Biscuits

1 x Absolutely Chocolate Granola by Rollagranola

Coffee Mocha by Yvette's Chocolates

An infusion to delight all us coffee lovers and the judges at "The Great Taste Awards 2017". 

Yvette takes 100% Arabica ground coffee beans from Sumatras Takengon Mountain region and using her TOP SECRET infusion method infuses the milk chocolate ensuring a perfect balance of flavour so you can enjoy both the creamy milk chocolate and the Arabica Coffee in perfect harmony.

Another piece anyone ? Oh yes please!


Colombian Sophia Estate by White House Coffee:

Colombian Supremo Sophia estate. Medium body ,bright acidity. Soft and creamy finish.


Indonesian Kalossi No. 1 by White House Coffee:

Indonesian Arabica. Kalossi grade 1. Heavy body. Earthy, chocolatey with tobacco notes 


Strawberry & Cream by Yvette's Chocolate:

A wonderfully sumptuous blend of white chocolate and dried strawberries make this new flavour chocolate by Yvette's Chocolates a must.


Dark Chocolate Infused with Olive Oil by Yvette's Chocolate: 

This 2019 Great Taste Award-winning chocolate is a complex one!  One may say the marriage of two continents. Yvette took her couverture 54% dark chocolate and after many trials and tribulations arrived at the ideal combination of Dark Chocolate infused with an Extra Virgin Olive Oil from a small producer in Provence, France (Moulin a Huile Paradis). Always wanting to push the boundaries and inspired by a Spanish Tapas dessert, Yvette added roasted Cocoa Nibs and Guerande Sea Salt. The Olive Oil adds an extra layer of velvety texture to this bark with the crunch from the Cocoa Nibs and the occasional bite of sea salt. Widen your chocolate experience and you will not be dissappointed!


Coffee & White Chocolate Shortbread by Just Biscuits:

Real butter shortbread made with coffee and lots of big chunks of white chocolate.  A rich and tasty treat with your morning coffee (or tea!).


Absolutely Chocolate Granola By Rollagranola:

The chocolate comes from 100% Cacao chocolate, extra sweetness comes from fruit and a crunchy texture comes from the nuts. Meaning you have a luxurious and occasion granola that's, incredibly, healthy and guilt-free.  


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Loved it

12/31/2020, 4:57:02 AM

It was a gift. great selection and high quality. Yvette's is always the best. coffee beans were supreme. shorties were lovely.


12/9/2020, 8:55:14 AM

12/9/2020, 8:55:12 AM

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