Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you deliver to?

We deliver to all over the UK mainland via Royal Mail with a fixed fee of £2.50 for orders under £25 and free postage for all orders above that. Ireland and Rest of Europe ​FREE SHIPPING on all orders over £75​. Order less than £75 are subject to a flat delivery charge of £14.50.

What if I am not at home when my items are delivered?

FOR SG & AL POSTCODES ONLY: If there is going to be nobody at home when we deliver your items, you can nominate a place to leave your items or else leave them with a neighbour. If you are not there and there is no place nominated and there are no highly perishable items then we will try to find a safe place to leave your items and let you know where it is via email or phone. If there are perishable items such as mentioned above we will bring the package back with us and try to organise another delivery time that suits. FOR REST OF UK MAINLAND: All orders will be shipped via Royal Mail who have their own standard shipping policies

What can I do if I have ordered the wrong item and wish to change/cancel my order?

No need to worry! Please send us a message via the contact form, email address ( or phone (07518 646 098) and we will sort any issues out for you.

Can I create a gift box for someone with items I choose myself?

Yes, please let us know when you order and we will be happy to create a decorative box/hamper with a personalised message inside, delivered on the day that you choose.

Why should I buy locally anyway?

Here are some great reasons to buy local artisan products: Environment – produce and ingredients are usually sourced locally and don’t travel far to the point of purchase. 'Low food miles' results in lower transport emissions, fresher produce and less need for preservatives or transporting conditions that could affect the taste and texture. ​​Quality – while the end products of an artisan process are usually excellent quality due to the care put into their creation, the basic ingredients they use are also very important. Artisans take enormous pride in their products as it is often a representation of themselves so take every care to ensure that the ingredients they use are the best they can find. Tradition – the processes used by food artisans are traditional techniques that have worked for many years. Although modern ingredients and technology can make food faster and at a lower cost, you can be sure that anything made by an artisan will be the result of proven techniques that have shown to get great results. Local Economy – the vast majority of artisan producers selling products in any town will be based nearby and/or will be an independent company. Buying these products helps support these companies and keep diversity in the marketplace. In fact, studies have shown that buying from local producers keeps around 65% of the money spent within the local community, versus 40% when purchased from large supermarkets. Organic – they often use more organic ingredients and growing techniques that are in-keeping with traditional practices. Meaning & History – these products can often have a deep connection to a certain place, ingredient or process. Artisans might use techniques passed down in a region for hundreds of years, or they might be the last producers in the world to work with a particular ingredient in a traditional way. These stories give the products meaning and importance that you won’t get in a giant supermarket aisle.

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